Spears Building Condominium

Download forms you might need for unit alterations, moving, permissions, etc. Please observe all requirements before starting a work project or having an outside contractors perform any work inside residential units.

Please observe and refer to Condominium Rules approved by the Board:

These are some of the more recent upgrading projects:

If your email or phone information changes, please send an email to the Superintendent so we can update our database. It will make it easier for us to communicate, as well as allow us to provide you with timely notifications or building related information.

Contact us:

Front Desk: 212-741-3889


Alpin Tomorri
Cell: 917-642-3182
Email: spearsbuilding@verizon.net
Building Manager:

Caridad Nazario
Phone: 212-529-5688 Ext. 279
Fax: 212-529-7987
E-mail: cnazario@andrewsbc.com
Assistant Building Manager:
Nathaniel (Zeke) Tell
Phone:212-529-5688 Ext. 229
E-mail: ntell@andrewsbc.com

Andrews Building Corp
Phone: 212-529-5688
Fax: 212-529-7987